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Colin Kaepernick and Aldon Smith Bear Down!

Colin Kaepernick and Aldon Smith Bear Down on Chicago Bears 

san francisco 49ers colin kaepernickOffensive and Defensive Firepower at their best!

Man o Man was that exciting or what? Colin Kaepernick showed off the rocket of the arm that he has, and had Steve Young all giddy on the post-game show. I’m sure he had all the fans feeling that way too. I am one of them. Not since Steve Young have we seen these type of accurate laser canon throws. I can’t wait to see how he progresses. It was a very wise decision to have him learn under Alex, kind of like Young under Montana, and Rodgers under Favre. I got to say that Harballke was the best thing next to Bill Walsh to happen to San Francisco (Besides the SF Giants tearin’ it up too.) in a long time. 


Colin Kaepernick 

Colin Kaepernick Autographed


Colin Kaepernick will become a household name, even if sports announcers and opponents can’t “bear” to pronounce it. Look at the unique types of talent that Colin and Aldon bring. They were both “under the radar” picks that were Walsh brilliant in scope. People questioned them at first, but no longer. That is genius my friends. I guess Harbaugh and Baalke are channeling Bill W. Can’t wait for him to take what he has learned from Alex Smith and take to the next level.


49ers kaepernick touchdown autographed

49ers Front Office does have a hard decision to make. Alex is so steady, stable and tears up the stat sheets with pinpoint accuracy, true grit, and just winning. Colin puts a “Kaep” on it and can deliver us a trophy, with the rest of our dominant team. Can’t wait to get a Kaepernick Jersey when they come out. To the right is the official touchdown goal post pylon signed by Colin Kaepernick, celebrating his first official NFL touchdown as a San Francisco Forty Niner! Get it while you can!


Aldon Smith

49ers aldon smith signed pictureThe Gold Rush by the Smith Brothers (Aldon and Justin) have become the one that marks the true spirit of the original San Francisco 49ers who struck gold by knowing where, and when to strike. Well, Aldon is now the NFL Sack Leader! He was only used situationally last year, or he would have probably had the record. Well, this time it’s on, and Aldon’s ready. He is mean and lean and faster than a speeding bear! He does remind me of Charles Haley in his quickness off the edge. He is going to be a monster Niner for a long time to come.


Aldon Smith is as big as the number he wears, and will probably be his sack total after a few years! I am so amped to have him paired with Justin Smith, Ice in the middle and McDonald’s all day. Behind him Willis and Bowman. Talk about hitting a unmovable maroon brick wall. Then Goldson, Rogers, Whitner and Brown. They will hit you and take your lunch money away. It’s such a great feeling to be a San Francisco 49er fan. Thank you Harbaalke!


You can show your pride and wear the most dominant pass rusher in the NFL’s jersey today. Be ready for the Playoffs “Playoffs, did you say Playoffs?” lol. And may I speak the name “Super Bowl!” Let’s get ready and show our 49er pride right now!


49ers aldon smith signed jerseys



Now, let’s go and get SuperBowl Trophy #6!




If you find the game online please add it to the comments to help everyone else here! Let’s go and win Super Bowl Trophy #6!

Christmas in San Francisco

San Francisco 49ers Christmas Gifts!

Christmas in San Francisco – 49ers Christmas Gifts and Decorations to Show Your Red & Gold Pride

49ers sign

Get Your 49ers Xmas Gifts!

This is how we do it! It’s that greatest time of the year, once again. I think it may be even better now the way our 49ers are playing. Playoffs this year? Here are a couple of cool San Francisco Forty Niner ornaments to lighten your holiday spirit in style:


The ultimate in San Francisco Forty Niner Xmas Decoration. It’s a lighted 49er Christmas NFL Player and he means business. Pit it in your front yard or den and show your San Francisco holiday spirit.


Christmas in San Francisco


There’ s nothing as great as having a white-bearded 49er Sourdough Sam dressed up as Santa Claus and bringing delight to your Christmas Spirits. You can hang this ornament on your tree or in your window to show how we have fun.  Get This SF 49er Gnome Christmas Ornament – It’s the San Francisco Treat!


49er gnome christmas ornament
49ers christmas ornament

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49ers captains chair

Father’s Day – 49ers Style

49ers Gifts

Father’s Day for San Francisco 49ers Dads

Give your dad the ultimate gift – the 49ers sofa. He’ll watch the game in comfort and occasionally jump out of his seat as the San Francisco 49ers roll to another victory. Your Dad won’t forget how great he feels in the new Forty Niners couch you got for his this Father’s Day! Just click on the 49ers Sofa for more information or visit the 49ers Store!

Forty Niners CouchFor the Top Father’s Day Gift for 49er Dads, check out the 49er Pub Sofa

This is my personal favorite as my friends (and girlfriend) come over to watch the 49ers blast the opponents. I even make my friend that is a Raiders fan watch on the 49er couch. Hey, he knows style and class when he sees it. Maybe the friendly 49er fans help too, and the wide assortment of pizza and drinks. Hey, we all love to have a good time, and with this sofa we do it in style! To get your dad (or yourself) one of these plush and comfortable sofas (I bet Jerry Rice has one!) just click on the 49ers Sofa below:

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49ers legacy jacket

Top San Francisco 49ers Jackets

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San Francisco 49ers Legacy Jacket

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San Francisco 49ers 40 Inch Rectangular Stained Glass Billiard Light

Are you ready for some football?!

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49ers furniture

49ers Lamp and Lights

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49ers Lamp and Lights

You’re about to Discover some really cool 49ers lamp and lights to show off your support of our San Francisco 49ers. These make great gifts for the Forty Niner Fan in your life, as well as nice specialized room decorations, to eat, live and breathe 49er football! Click on the 49ers lamp and light images below to view them up close and personal, or click the order now button for complete details and ordering options:

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49er Desk Lamp

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49ers 16 Inch Stained Glass Pub Light

San Francisco 49ers 16 Inch Diameter Stained Glass Pub Light

San Francisco 49ers Stained Glass Billiard Light

San Francisco 49ers 40 Inch Rectangular Stained Glass Billiard Light

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49ers aldon smith

49er Video Aldon Smith Highlights

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Aldon Smith Highlights


49ers aldon smith

Aldon Smithis rapidly becoming a Fan Favorite not just for 49er fans, but also is being recognized by the whole of the NFL. He is in the running for NFL Rookie of the year already. He’s also the best we’ve had as a pure pass rusher and sack leader since Andre Carter.


Here is the most recent Aldon Smith Highlights video when he “meets” “Big Red” and asks him to dance!

The Smith’s are going to rule in the NFL record books (Justin Smith is also awesome and on track for games played and starts). I think we have about 4 or 5 Smiths’ on board and playing well. Even Alex is getting some recognition for his passer rating (top 5!) believe it or not.

You can show your spirit and proudly sport (or gift it to your favorite 49er fan) your history in the making by getting your own authentic signed Aldon Smith Autographed Jersey! Just click on the Aldon Smith Jersey and make it yours today.


49es Aldon Smith Jersey Autographed


This is going to be an Instant Classic. Big number 99, Big Man, Big Wins for the 49er Fans!

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Joe Montana Jerry Rice Authentic Signed Photo

Joe Montana Jerry Rice Autographed Photos

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Joe Montana and Jerry Rice Autographed Photos – Authentic Signed Pictures – Bestsellers!


Joe Montana and Jerry Rice Autographed Photos

Joe Montana, arguably the greatest QB in NFL history, not just with stats, but the magic he performed on the field. I could always see that magic in his eyes, as he loves the game so much that it was play for him, not a job at all. He amassed 40,551 yards and 273 touchdowns and was overwhelmingly elected to NFL’s Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000.

Joe Montana doesn’t perform authentic signings very often, but that’s exactly why his signed pictures and items are priceless!  The one below is my personal favorite (yes, I do have it myself) and is in my 49ers shrine, along with my helmet! It shows how much Joe Montana meant to the game of football, the City of San Francisco, the NFL and of course our Beloved 49ers!


Joe Montana Jerry Rice


Click on  Joe Montana Jerry Rice to see more 49er signed official pictures.

Joe Montana in action. This picture reminds me of the kind of magic he is about to perform – Find Dwight Clark in the end zone 10 feet above ground to beat the Dallas Cowboys in the Championship Game!


Joe Montana Autographed


Click on Joe Montana Autographed to see more authentic 49er photos.

Jerry Rice is unarguably the greatest wide receiver (probably the greatest player) ever to grace the gridiron. His signed memorabilia is highly prized by collectors worldwide. In 1989 Jerry Rice was honored as the Super Bowl MVP as the 49ers won Super Bowl XXIII in electric fashion. Jerry Rice has always been notoriously reluctant to do official autograph sessions so his authentic signed items are a real gem when you can find them. The Jerry Rice Three Time Super Bowl Champion picture sums up his career nicely. All athletes can be measured by his on and off the field ethics. He is a true Super Hero!


jerry rice signed picture


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I hope you’ve enjoyed these nice pictures and the ride down memory lane. Maybe Jim Harbaugh can bring us back to these glory days in the style of Bill Walsh! He sure looks like he is following in those mighty footsteps.

49ers NFC West Champs – 2011. Discover How The West Was Won!

49ers shop 5 superbowl trophies

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San Francisco 49ers Classic Sofa


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